Sunday, May 26, 2013

This season's temari crop

  During the dry season in Monteverde, I've stitched quite a few temari. Now "winter" or the rainy season is upon us, so on this sunny morning I  gathered up this season's crop for a group photo.
I've been learning more about reading patterns and learning some new techniques.
The temari above and the following one use continuous paths for part of their stitching. Learning how to read diagrams for these paths has been a bit mind-bending, especially as I found a small error in the Japanese book I used to learn the one above. The yellow flowers with French knots convinced me that I want to do more free embroidery in the future.
I love the way this large quilt style ball came out. It's not what I thought I was going to get but sometimes there are surprises because as you wrap you cover up things. This is the first time I've let the ball itself show through windows of the wrapped threads. There are many possibilities to explore in this style.
I wanted to try putting some beads on temari, so I tried that on this really little one. I think it's an embellishment that has a lot to offer. I think I'll soon have a bead stash as well as a thread stash.
I'm looking forward to learning new techniques and improving ones I've already tried.


Doug and Linda said...

These are beautiful. How is this done?

Carolina said...

They are embroidered Japanese thread balls with a core of some kind wrapped with yarn and then thread. A general introduction is my post:

Hope this helps and thanks for your comment!