Monday, May 6, 2013

Two variations on a theme

   My most recent temari combine the threads I bought in Guatemala with colors ideas I got there. This ball is sitting on the table runner (a former huipil or traditional blouse) that inspired it.
The stitch is kiku or chrysanthemum stitch. It's a great stitch because it's much easier to do than it looks. This thread, being size 8, is finer than what is often used for temari and while it took longer to stitch, it let me get more detail on the ball. It's like having a higher resolution TV. Having done this ball on a green base, I decided to use the same colors on a black base.
First I stitched with colors going from light in the center to dark at the outside. On the other side I reversed the color order, although I still outlined with a dark color.
What different effects one can get with the same colors. It's one of the things that makes stitching temari fascinating. I had lots of space around the equator so I tried a more elaborate obi than I usually do. It uses the same colors and is two sets of kiku stitches overlapping at the equator.
I like looking at these two balls together to see how much you can do with the same set of colors.


Els said...

Every time I am amazed by your temari !!!
Love the one with the black background best I think, but the other one goes só well with the huipil-fabric ;-)

Carolina said...

Thank you!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

I was going to say - but what do you use them for - but in the same thought there was - because they are beautiful and that's enough.

Carolina said...

Maybe if I pile a bunch of them up around a tea pot it would keep my tea warm?

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Yes yes.