Friday, January 20, 2012

What we saw from the porch

   It's exciting to get back to Costa Rica every year. It's not just leaving the cold and snow of Wisconsin behind—it's also the profusion of new things to see. On our stay at the University of Georgia Ecolodge this week, some of our best nature sightings were in the immediate vicinity of the main building, thanks to the general profusion of nature. I saw an American Redstart, the first one seen on the property. I have no photo of it flying past me, I'm afraid, but it lifted my heart to see it.
   There was a marvelous large praying mantis wandering about the porch. See how cunningly the wings look like leaves and the legs like twigs.
There was a lizard in nearby plants that was shedding its old skin.
Soon there was a lizard eating the praying mantis because it jumped into the plants where the lizard was. (The lizard was not fooled by the mantis's cunning camouflage.)
    One of the most common birds in Costa Rica is the lovely blue gray tanager. One just doesn't get tired of looking them, especially when it's been about seven months since the last one.


kpeao said...

Hi Carolina! I have not written you a comment before now, but have long been an appreciative lurker.

Thank you for the preying mantis; I am particularly fond of them and miss them in the Virginia winters.

Give Mr. Rududu our best, please.

Just had a thought - did you know that Rick formally adopted my brother and me? Yes! In December. It was
Iike a wedding.

Carolina said...

Dear Karen,
thank you so much for your comments! I'm not sure that I had ever seen a mantis in the wild, so I was very excited. Yes, I knew about your adoption ceremony. So cool.