Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holy koi!

 There are actually quite a few people in Wisconsin that say "Holy cow!" as an exclamation of surprise and wonder. It's one tick up from wow. I'm so impressed by Mr. Rududu's recent origami koi that I'm thinking of changing the expression to "Holy koi!" The model is published in Dollar Origami by Won Park. Folding the model with a dollar bills results in really wonderful eyes.
   This is by no means a model for beginning folders. To practice until he could find some really crisp new bills, Mr. Rududu cut some of his current favorite paper, Elephant Hide, to the same proportions. (He ordered big sheets of Elephant Hide from Paper Jade.) We decided that it would be fun to make some koi with orange spots, so I used some acrylic paint to add orange splotches on both sides before the paper was folded. Mr. Rududu said that in spite of vigorous manipulation, the paint did not flake or chip. I think it's a good alternative to dollar bills.
I think they are beautiful. They also go well with my latest temari.
 The nitty-gritty: The pattern for the temari can be found in Japanese Temari by Barbara B. Seuss. I chose my own colors.


Nikolka said...

These are really lovely. Like the origami too.

peter said...

These are really cool! i want to learn how to make them.