Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cool ice

  Although it has been a mild winter in Wisconsin so far this year, some ice has formed on the lakes this week. Ice that breaks up and refreezes can make some interesting effects.
 The American Coots migrating south are concentrated into the area where the Yahara River enters Lake Monona.
   And if the natural ice isn't interesting enough, a neighbor makes interesting ice sculptures by freezing dyed water outside in household containers and stacking them in the yard.


Evelien said...

Wow what a great idea your neighbour had. Looks amazing. Do you know what kind of dye he/she uses? Is it environmentally friendly? If it is and if we get some frost, I might try that.(so far only rain, lots of)

Carolina said...

I like to go by there and see them as they change from melting or they put out new ones. It's food coloring, which is considered non-toxic for people to eat so I think it should be environmentally friendly.