Monday, July 25, 2011

Temari bling

I recently bought some metallic threads to use on my temari from Barb Seuss's on-line shop. They certainly add sparkle to a temari. A fun way to try all my new metallics was the first ball in Barb's book
Japanese Temari: A Colorful Spin on an Ancient Craft. (All of the temari in this post are based on patterns in that book, with my choice of colors. I am currently working my way through the book.)

Metallic thread used with the pine-needle stitch to fill empty spaces is fun and easy.
  A more subtle approach is to just use the metallic to divide the ball.
On this temari I used some gold to outline some of the shapes. 
This simple wrapped design has a more elaborate obi; after I stitched it I noticed that the colors I chose perfectly match the colors of a Moroccan bowl I had out on display while I was working on it.


Asplund said...

A feast for the eyes! The one with shades of green may be my favourite, but it's really impossible to pick a favourite. Love your shawls too.

Carolina said...

Thanks so much!

Barb Suess said...

Wow! I love them all. It's so cool to see the different colors and fibers. Nice :)

Carolina said...

Thanks Barb!

torirot said...

Beautiful! I like especially the two blue ones.