Monday, July 11, 2011

Just a tourist here myself

   I like to play tourist in  my regular stomping grounds and see things with a fresh eye. (There is nothing like being on a bicycle to help us notice the details; rest stops are an ideal time to explore places that in a car we would be whizzing past.)  This week we stopped in at the Cedar Grove Cheese factory in Plain, Wisconsin to see where some of our favorite local cheese comes from. We saw them shoveling sheep milk cheese.
It wouldn't surprise me to see enough cow cheese to shovel, but sheep aren't all that common in Wisconsin. The nice young man at the counter, an aspiring opera singer, said they produce over 10,000 pounds (about 4,5000 kilograms) of cheese a day. Most of it is cow cheese and they specialize in organic and rBGH-free cheese. Besides being shipped out in big trucks, some of their cheese goes all over the world via UPS. After sampling and buying cheese, refilling our water bottles, and enjoying the air conditioned store, we checked out their Living Machine next to the factory.
Cedar Grove uses tanks with natural microbes and hydroponic plants to clean up their wastewater so it's clean enough put it into Honey Creek. It processes about 7,000 gallons (26,000 liters) of water a day.
  A couple of days later, a very challenging hilly ride took us from North Freedom across the ancient Baraboo Range to Loganville. Even though two state highways intersect there, minutes can go by between vehicles; it's a very quiet little town. By the time we arrived, our packed sandwiches seemed rather paltry, so we were happy to discover Aunt Ozie's Cafe where we refueled with a tasty lunch including some of the best home-made potato salad I've ever tasted.
Across the street is Burmester's Grocery Store, where one can do a bit of time travel to a really old fashioned grocery store.
The stock is a little sparse; I wanted a candy bar and fortunately Mr. Burmester had several Snickers bars on hand.


Jeffrey said...

Great article supported with great pictures. I really like it. After Builders Cleaning.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Oh my goodness! The cheeeeeeeeese!!!!

fleegle said...

Wisconsin? Semi-Tropical? Hmm?

Glad yo liked my blog post! I liked yours too!

mary jane said...

What a wonderful cheese factory. So great how they process the waste water. And darling Mr. Burmester makes me want to hop in the car for a road trip!