Thursday, December 2, 2010

Please don't call them cute

Listen, when you're an incredibly strong performing mouse, you don't want to be called cute. That's for sissy mice, mice in tutus maybe.  Yet almost everyone who sees Mr. Rududu's two latest additions to our Cirque de Souris, the Silnymys Brothers,  insists on cooing over them. Have some sensitivity for how these guys feel, please!
First we have the Strong Mouse. Look at those bulging thighs and biceps!
Next there is his brother, the Escapologist. He has to be strong to rip out of the rope tying his hands and to escape from his ball and chain.
Incidentally, although Mr. Rududu has taken over knitting mice for our circus, I still get to do the embroidery. I suggested that embroidering eyes to be covered up with a blindfold was a lot of work for something no one would see. But of course, I didn't know that the Escapologist was planning to peek!
As a technical note on eyes, moving them just a millimeter one way or the other can really change the whole personality of a mouse. So I preview them by inserting pins with round black heads on them and moving them around until the mouse looks just right. I know it's a little gruesome. So is Mr. Rududu's specialty: inserting the wire armature or "bones" in the mice after they are all assembled. It helps them stand up, but I just can't bear to watch it being done.
This circus of mice is designed by the brilliant Alan Dart. See our other mice on Ravelry.


affectioknit said...


evelien said...

I love the little peeking escapologist. (learnt a new word)

Unknown said...

Hello! I have music page on Facebook and have been using your lovely strong mouse as my profile picture, my stage name is Ubermouse because I'm chronically shy but have just 'come out' as a musician, is it okay to use your mouse picture or would you rather I changed it?


Carolina said...

Well, thank you for asking. It's OK. If there is some way to link back to my site, it would be nice. Mr. Rududu is actually the one that knit that mouse and he kind of got a kick out of your using him.