Friday, November 19, 2010

Playing with yarn: autumn colors

It seems autumn always goes past much too quickly.  They don't call it fall for nothing.
One day the hills are clothed in glorious colors and the next day most trees are bare and the predominant color is gray.
  Then it's time, perhaps, to extend autumn by heating up some apple cider and playing with your colors. I find moving my balls around is a great way to explore color ideas. If your stash isn't up to this you can cut out pictures from magazines or catalogs and play with them. Then buy your yarn. (What a concept.)
 Don't forget to add some sunny sky! This is a good idea if you think you don't look good in reds, oranges or brown but do like blue. Or you could add white for those big fluffy clouds.
I'm thinking of making a tam with these colors, using lots of blue. And here's a project I knit long ago that uses some fall colors. (A little purple also snuck in, as it will.)  A small knit purse is a nice project for testing colors if you don't feel like making a hat or mittens.

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evelien said...

I love the shape of the Ginko leaves. They also have a wonderful bright yellow colour just before they fall.
Isn't Jamieson&Smith 2 ply jumper yarn lovely! They have such great colours.