Sunday, June 13, 2010

Socks all atilt

I used to swear I would never knit socks because I didn't want to spend so much time making something for inside my shoes where no one would see them. Now that I am well supplied with sweaters, vests, and even a nether garment,  I've realized that socks don't demand space in my sweater closet. (I seem to be almost incapable of discarding a sweater I have knit.)
My sister says knitting socks lets you have a luxury that even rich people can't have (unless they knit)—socks that truly fit. If you wear them with sandals, they're even on view.
   Recently I was very taken with the free Rainbow Socks pattern I found on Ravelry. I don't like to follow instructions, so I used my current basic sock, the Discovery Sock by Cat Bordhi and did short rows to create the wedges with self-striping yarn—the brilliant idea of the Rainbow Socks pattern. (Incidentally, knitting these socks is are really good way to perfect one's short row technique.)
Here's the weird thing. I'm often compulsive about starting socks in the same part of the color sequence so they match. I decided not to worry about because theses socks are so wonky that one can hardly expect them to match. In a remarkable coincidence not due to any effort on my part, the socks are mirror images of each other, a special kind of matching.


life ldc said...

I love your socks! Your ravelry photo always makes me smile - one day I'll make myself a pair of fair isle leggings LOL!!!

I totally understand you not wanting to throw away a hand knit sweater -- I'm sitting here, right this minute, with an unfinished sweater in my lap -- I have found a place to donate it to......a knit art project....but I'm still hesitating LOL!!!

Carolina said...

Thanks so much Anne! I've also been knitting for donation and find it's very satisfying. But if it were a sweater that fit me...mmm...that might be hard!