Sunday, June 6, 2010

Six lanes of bliss

Today was Ride the Drive in Madison. Six miles (10 km.) of downtown city streets were closed to motorized traffic from 10 to 4.
It's a wonderful alternate reality being out among tens of thousands of people cavorting on bicycles. Bikes ranged from high-end racing bikes to cruisers with fat tires.
There were high wheel bicycles, there were people with massive tattoos peaking out from Harley Davidson clothing, there were dogs in wire baskets, there were children of all ages. What joy and freedom to ride down the middle of a six lane road while enjoying the absence of droning car noise.
  I loved the Lake Line installation by Bird Ross and Brenda Baker. It consisted of a very long clothesline strung along the lake shore with clothing grouped according to the colors of spectrum. Here's part of the blues.
The next Ride the Drive will be Sunday, August 29.

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