Friday, October 21, 2011

Remembrance of falls past

Autumn brings back some of my fondest childhood memories such as the aroma of leaves when kicked. This week is more suited to sitting by the fireplace but last week I was riding a bike through golden coins of leaves.
They were so lovely I stopped my bike to kick a little gold.
This week is very blustery and the leaves are quickly coming off the trees. Recently it was very still. Autumn is the season of change.


Nikolka said...

very nice!

pattib said...


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Very nice

Carolina said...

Thank you all. And just when I thought this year's pleasant autumn weather was over, it came back!

Beverly said...

Wow! What kind of trees drop such gorgeous yellow leaves?

Carolina said...

They are a kind of locust tree. I think they are called a honey locust. They are lovely with sweet flowers in the spring and a lacy canopy. I've heard people that have them complain because the leaves are very difficult to rake being so little. However, it looks terrific when they are falling because it looks like golden snow or something.