Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Playing with colors: Autumn

I've been stitching a series of temari with autumn colors. Here is a temari with some mini pumpkins. The temari is about 3.25"(8 cm) in diameter. I've seen photos of gigantic temari, but I'm not at all ready to do one that is the size of a big pumpkin!
In this series I've been coming to terms with an aversion to tans and browns. They are really quite a nice colors, not bland and boring as I sometimes have thought. I am drawn to tans that have a bit of yellow in them, adding a hint of honey.
On these balls I've learned how to stitch both interlocking spindles like the ball with the blue background and layered or woven spindles like the one on the cinnamon background.
The more I look, the more I realize there are some wild and wonderful color combinations in the autumnal northern woods. I don't know if it will be possible to capture green and red together in a way that is as lovely as on leaves but it is inspiring to think about.
The nitty-gritty: The stitching instructions for these balls can be found in Japanese Temari by Barbara B. Suess. The color choices are mostly my own.


Temari Addict Australia said...

I love your photo with the pumpkins. We are just beginning spring here in Australia so I am stitching flowers, pinks and summer sky blues lately.
Isn't it great to challenge yourself with colours you usually avoid.
Love reading your posts.

Carolina said...

Thanks Rebecca! Isn't it fun to let the season affect your color choices? It makes me appreciate the colors of nature more. I sort of wishing I was heading into spring!