Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Water watching

I have a new sport: water watching. It's something I do with binoculars when I'm birdwatching and there are no birds around, assuming there is water.
I also enjoy watching water without binoculars. I think many people are already water watchers—there must be a reason that property near lakes, oceans and rivers costs worth more and why my dentist has installed a waterfall outside his office.
 I call my group called American Water Watchers Association (AWWA). That sounds a bit like agua said with a speech impediment. I'm assuming America covers both the northern and southern continents. The same acronym would work for Africa and Asia.  EWWA for Europe? Doesn't sound nearly as nice somehow. Or we could go with World Wide Water Watchers. (WWWW) To say it, put your lips together to make a W and blow out.
The tough part about making it a sport is quantifying it. After all, birdwatching, which is a bit marginal as a sport, lets you count things. That's the beauty of water watching: it's hard to count or keep score.  Too fluid a subject? But think of field trips to famous and beautiful waterfalls, or to the beach.
   Even watching still water with reflections is fun. This is the Thai water garden in a park near our house.

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Trudy said...

Awesome concept...and I've always heard that the molecular components of the air near water are different...can't remember if it is more oxygen so produces a slight euphoria or at least a sense of calm.