Friday, July 16, 2010

My new favorite yarn store

What a joy to discover a wonderfully overstuffed yarn store in the middle of nowhere, especially when that middle of nowhere is just a short drive from my house. Susan's Fiber Shop is on a farm between Sun Prairie and Columbus, Wisconsin. I was under the impression that it was a small shop for spinners. I couldn't have been more wrong. The first few minutes we were in the shop, I mostly stood there with my mouth agape, stupefied. Then I ran around and discovered room after room of fiber related goodness.
  Mr. Rududu quickly homed in on the only origami book among a vast assortment of books covering many crafts. He searches out origami books in places like Japanese bookstores in San Francisco so I was impressed he found one he wanted on County Highway A. I finally settled a bunch of beautiful sock yarn I really didn't need and Betsy got the book on spinning that she had been after. Susan also has beading supplies, looms and weaving yarns, all kinds of fleece, and did I mention that she has yarn? She does a lot of mail order sales but it seems mostly of spinning supplies. A fellow knitter advises that it's good to call before a visit to make sure the merchandise is not traveling to a show or festival the day you want to go.
After my purchases, I went out the back door to meet and greet some of the 70 or so Teeswater sheep that Susan has. Baa! Baa! BAA! They were quite fascinated by me until they determined I had no sheep food.
  On the way home we had lunch in Sun Prairie (population 28,000), which has a vibrant downtown reflecting a 37% increase in population since 2000. Yikes. The Atlantis Taverna served us very good Greek food and on the same block were two quilting shops. J.J. Stitches  and Prairie Quiltworks, which even has quite a bit of interesting yarn. Looking at quilting fabric is almost as fun as looking at yarn, and less expensive since I rarely buy any.  Sun Prairie seems to be a new epicenter for fibers; maybe that's why so many people are moving there.
  We will be making another field trip out to Susan's soon.

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