Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good morning!

Morning--time for a good cup of Costa Rican coffee. Yum. I've been making cafe con leche by heating milk and sugar in the microwave, then sitting the filter on top of the measuring cup and pouring in the water to make the coffee. Not only is it delicious, but also the way the coffee and milk are in layers before I stir really perks me up because it's so pretty and subtle. Enough to make me like the color tan. That in itself is an eye-opener.

Right now I have these beautiful gerbera daisies. There is one store in town that sells flowers on Thursday and Friday. For years I didn't know that, until one day I walked by on a Thursday. It's a difficult decision which flowers to squander $5 or so on--huge clumps of tropical flowers, or something like these daisies. The stems were about 2 feet long!

And meanwhile, this is what is going on outside. We are having our roof painted. It will be green this time. Last time I picked blue and it was pretty, but really, how much time do we spend looking at our roof? It's only visible from a couple of places. So this time we went for the cheapest color. One can also get red.

Notice the clouds and imagine them moving. Clouds almost never sit still around here, thanks to the trade winds.

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