Monday, February 25, 2013

The other side of the ball

   One of the fun things about stitching temari is that not all sides of the ball can be seen at once. If one doesn't do so well on one side of ball, it can be displayed with the preferred side visible and the other side as unseen as the dark side of the moon.
   I just completed a 16 face ball with kiku or chrysanthemum stitch in the four hexagons and the other shapes filled in with swirl stitch.
I tried both solid color swirls as above and swirls where I lightened the color as I got close to the center of the shape as in the next picture.
I enjoy trying different color combinations of different sides too. (Perhaps I just have a low tolerance for boredom.) I also tried different greens with the same blue on the various kiku sides.
This was my favorite color combination.
The colors of this ball were inspired by a little bird found in Monteverde. While not extremely rare, it's very difficult to see because it hides in clumps of mistletoe high in trees. It's the Elegant Euphonia (euphonia elegantissima).
The nitty-gritty: I learned how to mark this ball by following a tutorial in the Temari Challenge Yahoo group. The marking is called C8 to pentagons and hexagons. The 16 faces consist of 4 large hexagons and 12 pentagons. Thanks again to Joan Z., who led the tutorial.


Anna said...

Very beautiful ball!

Els said...

Wow, just found you through Ravelry and love your cardigans with the Kaini wool !
That ball is fantastic !
(it will take a while but I'll check the rest out a bit later ;-) ....!)

Els said...

Your temari balls are awesome !!!!
(as is the origami of mr. Rududu)

And thanks for all the beautiful birds !!! (Mmmmm you should see Gennine Zlatkis' watercolour birds !)

Juno said...

I love this ball and the inspiration for it.

Haven't pop over to your blog for a while. You really put a sparkle into my day with the ball and the bird.

Marcia C. said...

This ball is amazingly beautiful! So is the Bird. You made my day. Thanks.