Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vertigo ball

I started a temari last year that is completely covered in stitching. In fact it's really two layers thick. No wonder it took me almost forever to finish, especially as I was in a different country from it for seven months. It is stitched on a C10 division, so it has 12 regular pentagons and each of those pentagons has 10 lines crossing it. The pattern is built up with a series of pentagons stitched in alternating colors. The outside blue pentagon in this picture has its corners lined up with the corners of the pentagon I was filling.
 Here's the white stitching that I did on the alternate support lines.
 And here's the (finally) completed temari.
It makes me feel a little dizzy to look at this ball but I love it. It would have been cleverer to have the thread base be a color that didn't contrast as much with the blue and white, such as a light blue. I didn't worry about exactly how many rows of each color I used but just made sure the area was filled.

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Anna said...

Such a sweet temari. I should make one the same)