Monday, October 22, 2012

Except bikes

  When we traveled by bicycle in Italy, I loved the many signs indicating where bikes could go where cars couldn't. A wonderful thing has been happening in Madison recently. Signs like these are popping up all over.
It's getting much easier to get where one needs to go in the city. I like to see people using bikes as transportation as well as a healthy sport.
Some neighborhoods limit direction of car traffic but let bikes move freely so they can stay off busier streets.
Bikes are quiet and relieve traffic congestion—so shouldn't their riders be given respect and an occasional special perk? I wish that I could remind the less patient drivers that every bike represents a car that isn't in their way. At least the local traffic engineers are catching on.


Carol said...

One of the reasons my husband and I moved to Madison from Austin, Texas was because of Madison's friendlier attitudes to bicycling. We love the bike paths and seeing so many other cyclists of all ages out and about.

Carolina said...

I gather that in many ways Madison and Austin are similar—except the weather. I'm glad you are enjoying biking in Mad City!