Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot but hungry

We just had a week of record high temperatures in Madison. (And no, I'm not used to this from living in Costa Rica because we live in the cool mountains there.) Our drought continues, but this week the temperatures have moderated a bit from unbearably hot to just plain hot. Even with grass and plants drying up, there were welcome signs of life. In a tree branch extending over Lake Monona, an Eastern Kingbird pair raised and fledged their chicks. Some mornings I managed to get out and check them before the heat got too much for me. There were three hungry chicks. Kingbirds are flycatchers and the parents brought a variety of damsel flies and other insects. Both parents were in constant attendance.
Since the nest was without any shade, sometimes one of the parent birds would sit over the chicks with wings slightly extended to provide shade.
 Then it was off to catch more insects.

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Evelien said...

Didn't you want to put up an umbrella to give the little ones a bit of shade?