Monday, June 18, 2012

A whole lot of nothing

  Of the many states I've bicycled in, Wisconsin is the best for abundance of paved secondary roads. Last week we went on a 20 mile (32km) ride in the countryside not far from Madison. In the first hour of riding, we were passed by a grand total of two tractors...and one car. Later the pace picked up and a car went passed us about every ten minutes.
These cattle seemed quite interested in us—when I stopped to take a photo, the few that were on the other side of the field ran over to be with the group. Perhaps they were happy to finally have someone go past.
In the last few years we have noticed a wonderful improvement in cycling in Wisconsin. Whereas farm dogs used to be a dangerous annoyance when they ran out and gave chase, lately we have not seen any dogs on the loose.


pattib said...

Much like northeastern Michigan!

Carolina said...

mmm, when we rode our bikes to visit my uncle near Traverse City, there seemed to be a lot of unpaved and very sandy roads. What about your part of the state?

Peter Martin said...

Watch out for an english bulldog on the will want to give your bike a bear hug!

Carolina said...

Ha, ha. I'm really afraid of ferocious Little Bear.