Monday, May 2, 2011

Total cloud forest experience

   The lucky visitor sees the cloud forest when it's shrouded in clouds. A heavy mist in the air adds a hint of mystery and is necessary for a healthy cloud forest. This morning we had the total cloud forest experience, which means we got a little damp.
    The Resplendent Quetzals started breeding late this year in the Monteverde Reserve but they are finally nesting. Nesting behavior makes it a whole lot easier to find them because they call quite a bit and they spend a lot of time sitting around waiting for their turn to attend to the nest. This morning, between bouts of mist so heavy you could call it rain, we saw at total of 6 quetzals and heard at least two others. One of the best sightings was from the hanging bridge where we watched a male only about 10 meters (30 feet) from us. Thankfully, all the viewers present were very quiet. Before Mr. Rududu's lens misted over, he got this fine photo, unusual because he wasn't shooting up at a sharp angle.
 This is another male, sitting near a different nest.

Tips for visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
The reserve is much cooler than it is at the beach. Unless you are very cold tolerant, most days you will feel more comfortable in long pants and shoes and socks rather than shorts and sandals. It can be misty or rainy. A very light poncho, or preferably a light wind breaker is a useful layer. I often take a light sweater too, but I'm a wimp about cool temperatures. Biting insects are uncommon; you can forget the bug spray completely in the dry season. The best way to see a quetzal (and lots of other interesting things) is to go with a guide.

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lindsay said...

these quetzal photos are INCREDIBLE!! nice work!