Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Curing sock boredom

I had a plan— to knit several pairs of just plain socks with the pretty yarn I had accumulated for the purpose.
I was going to knit while watching TV. How very relaxing...mmm, how very boring. I started to think how I could easily be replaced by a sock knitting machine. Knitting projects need to fit sometimes unpredictable moods and this one was suddenly feeling like work.
   So I plunged into the project set aside for when I could really concentrate. It turned out to be a lot easier than I had thought and way more interesting for me at the moment than plain socks.
I'm in love with the X-O-X cable up the back of the sock. And I still have my just plain sock project on the needles for when it will be just what I feel like doing.
Details: my plain socks will be in various colorways of Soxx Appeal yarn. My cabled socks are following the Milo pattern in Sock Innovation by Cookie A.
They are knit in Classic Elite Summer Sox yarn. My first attempt, on size 0 (2mm) is too small so I am now trying a larger needle. Those traveling cables really pull the sock in as it gets longer, making it much smaller than it seems at the beginning.

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