Monday, August 16, 2010

Chasing rainbows

Near the cloud forests in the mountains of Costa Rica, rainbows frequently last for over an hour. In the Midwest, where I grew up, rainbow are so rare and fleeting it never occurred to me that since rainbows are at a fixed angle relative to the sun, as the sun rises, a rainbow will set. In the afternoon, as the sun sinks, the rainbow rises.

I thought that people living where there are frequent and prolonged rainbows would become jaded but once a Costa Rican friend driving us along a country road stopped and backed up so we could admire a particularly fine rainbow. He and his wife exclaimed with as much delight as Mr. Rududu and I did.
   A rainbow makes the plainest of scenery quite dramatic. This is a rainbow I saw from a train in Kansas.
 In our house we have crystals hanging in some of our windows and on sunny days we can enjoy rainbows without the inconvenience of rain.
To increase my color vocabulary I am working a art project to go through the rainbow spectrum, giving equal time to all the colors. Well, "work" isn't the right word. It's really more like play.

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