Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frozen in the frozen food section

We're back in Madison after a couple of non-eventful flights—my favorite kind. I'm looking forward to seeing my mom and friends and enjoying our home here, which now seems immense after our casita in Costa Rica. First, I have to get through the annual reverse culture shock. (After I get over the fact that this cool rainy spring day is colder than what they call winter in Costa Rica.) I have many common reactions to being back in the U.S. including how big people are—I'm no longer a giant among men. But most of my culture shock happens at the grocery store.
In Monteverde, our little neighborhood store has everything we need and most of the things we want. Eggs, yep—one kind. Milk? Yep—about 4 choices including dried. Butter? One kind, plus margarine and a mix of the two. Our small neighborhood store in Madison has the vast array of butter and spreads shown above. It looks like about 28 different varieties but I have a favorite kind so that's easy. Harder is the pizza.  In Monteverde there is no frozen pizza or delivered pizza but I like making pizza or we can go out to one of a few restaurants that makes it. When I confronted this freezer section of just pizza last night, I found it pretty mind boggling and it took me about 10 minutes to pick one.
To prevent total mental gridlock yesterday, I chose the theme of buying food I couldn't get in Monteverde. This is my haul. My favorite: dried cherries from Wisconsin. Or maybe it's the super smooth and rich local ice cream. Or the wonderful fresh baked rolls...


evelien said...

I can imagine this being a 'culture shock'. Even here in the Netherlands, I prefer smaller shops, with limited choices. I think unlimited amounts of different kinds of foods is not what really makes a person happy. Making lovely brownies with whatever is available and give it away is much more satisfying I guess.

Carolina said...

Thanks Evelien! Actually, the store I wrote about here in Madison is our little neighborhood store that we can walk to. They just cram so many different things in that after Costa Rica's more limited choices it's overwhelming. I'll be OK in a couple of weeks when I've had more practice. And I sure did enjoy that ice cream!!