Thursday, November 24, 2011

My feel good pillow

  The community read book this fall for the University of Wisconsin Madison was Enrique's Journey by Sonia Nazario. I love taking part in the UW's Go Big Read because each year features a thought provoking book. It's exciting to go to the author talk and be with hundreds or even thousands of people who have read the book.
   This book recounts the dangerous journey many Central American children make to find and reunite with mothers that are in the US. Most of these mothers left their children because of crushing need. They plan to be gone a year or two and return with money saved up to make a better life in their home country. Unfortunately, it's common that they have so much trouble making enough money that they are gone many years. The book recounts the harrowing trip that children make, facing many dangers and even death. It's a difficult book to read, but I think, a very important one in understanding the complex issue of illegal immigration.
    On Ms. Nazario's web site are links to organizations that are working to help people in Central America. I decided to make a small effort to improve someone's life by buying a pillow from Honduras Threads. This non-profit is helping Honduran women create coops that make fair trade embroidered pillows so they can make a decent living without leaving their families. My pillow came recently and it not only gives me a good feeling but it's also really beautiful.


Trudy said...

Carol - Did you order this on-line? I looked at their website and couldn't figure out how to do that. I might want to get one for Christmas...

Evelyn said...

Thanks for posting about this co-op. Sometimes the simplest gestures create the biggest effects. Your pillow is gorgeous ... will jump over the their Web site.

Carolina said...

Yes I found it on line. The product tab is in the top left on the link I gave or you can copy this into your browser:

The easiest way to order is to pick out a pillow or pillow you want and then call M'Lou who is the volunteer in the US. Her phone number is given on their contact page along with her email. Her phone is 214.941.6626.
I'm glad you like my pillow!

Carolina said...

Post script:
M'Lou says she tries to keep the products shown on-line up to date, but if you call you can check and make sure that exact one is available.